In the heart of Sardinia

Visit the countless archaeological sites of the Neolithic, Pre-Nuragic, Phoenician, Punic and Roman Ages. 

Here are some of the major: Montiprama, which returned the statues of Giants; the Nuragic village of Santa Cristina, with the sacred well, outstanding example of the craftsmanship, achieved by the Nuragic people; Nuraghe Losa, with its imposing massive structure that can be visited inside; the Punic-Roman town of Tharros and the enchanting Peninsula of Capo San Marco; the Roman baths of Forum Traiani in Fordongianus, along the left riverside of Tirso river. 

It should be remembered that the territory on the slopes of Oristano has the highest concentration of archaeological sites throughout the whole island. Therefore, a walk can become a discovery of less known landscapes, but of great interest for the eyes of those who are able to seize the human presence within history.


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