The most common sports of the area and where you can practice them

Diving – Snorkeling

The sea in the area of Oristano offers unspoilt seabeds dominated by history and nature, paradise to be discovered and enjoyed.

Sa Mesa Longa - S'anea Scoada - San Giovanni di Sinis - Is Arutas - S'archittu - Santa Caterina



Because of the constant wind, the gulf of Oristano is the ideal spot to practice and to learn sailing sports.

Lungomare E. d'Arborea Torregrande Oristano - Lungomare Putzu Idu / Mandriola - San Giovanni di Sinis - Sa Rocca Tunda



Wonderful sea and perfect breeze for sailing, what else could you wish for?

Lungomare E. d'Arborea Torregrande Oristano - Putzu Idu - Sa Rocca Tunda 


Surf – Bodysurf – Kitesurf

The coast of Oristano boasts the highest number of the best surf spots in the Mediterranean. It is one of the most interesting places in Europe for the exposure to the Mistral wind and the particular morphology of the coastline. More than 200 days of surfing per year.

Marina di Torre Grande - San Giovanni di Sinis - Capo Mannu - Sa Mesa Longa - Mari Ermi - Putzu Idu - S'Anea scoada - Sa Rocca Tunda 


Stand up paddle

Marina di Torre Grande - San Giovanni di Sinis - Putzu Idu - Sa Rocca Tunda - S'anea Scoada



For those who don’t want to give up their strong workout, even on holiday.





Beach tennis - Paddle Tennis - Beach volley

Marina di Torre Grande 



Marina di Torre Grande - Sa Rocca Tunda - S'arena Scoada - San Giovanni di Sinis - Putzu Idu


Recreational fishing

An immersion in the world of the local traditional fishing, itineraries of considerable naturalistic interest.

Marina di Torre Grande - Putzu Idu - Su Pallosu - Marceddì 


Excursions – Trekking

The Sinis peninsula, characterised by an unspoilt and wild nature, preserves outstanding landscapes of undoubtable fascination and beauty.

Crystal-clear sea with multiple shades of blue, inviting aromas of lentisk and wild rosemary, coastal towers with spectacular views: a refreshing walk which creates a precious alliance between the walker and the surrounding environment.


Hippo-trekking – Horse-riding

Sardinia and horses are connected by a century-old tradition. Horses always have been representing a lead role in Sardinian people life and culture.

For this reason, the equestrian tourism is widely practised on the beach, on the pinewood, on the mountain.

In the area of Bosa, Scano Montiferro, Ghilarza, Abbasanta, Bonarcado, Paulilatino, San Vero Milis, Putzu Idu, Siamaggiore, Santa Giusta e Arborea, there are equestrian centres and riding stables for the horse-riding lovers.



Practicing responsible biking tourism means respecting and being careful with environment and with health. Kilometres of coastal roads for those who love riding suspended above the sea, or following inner paths to enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside and discover the charm of a timeless island.



Local motor clubs organise races and national and international rallies on the roads of this part of Sardinia.

At disposal of motors and speed lovers: the motocross track “Le Dune” in Riola Sardo – 1.650 metres of sandy track (highly technical racetrack) - Motorschool Riola - Riola Sardo (Or)

Cart track and Supermotard track: Tramatza - Arborea - Abbasanta



To the climbing lovers we recommend the rocky limestone cliffs of Monte Arci and of Cornus in Santa Caterina di Pittinurri.



A surface of 6.000 hectares of ponds attracts birdwatching lovers to observe the uncommon swamphen, the red heron and the mallard; among the water birds the ever-present pink flamingo which inhabits the lagoons from October to May, eating little crustaceans which live in the ponds.

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